The political struggle for minorities of sexuality and gender

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Gayle Rubin

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The obscure reading would have been a Butlerian one:. "Tensions in the struggle for sexual minority rights in Europe is the first queer and poststructuralist reading of political rights concepts in the specific European transnational context.

Political and normative challenges to SOGI-related rights. The state has been a primary actor in targeting sexual and gender minorities, 8 8. I acknowledge Rosalind Petchesky's critique of ‘sexual minorities’ as a term but, nonetheless, also acknowledge the wide use of this term in the literature and how ‘minority' captures Appadurai's ‘fear of small numbers’ dynamic I have discussed.

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The LGBT population comprises many diverse groups, increasingly referred to as sexual and gender minorities. The classification of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals within research studies is generally made on the basis of sexual orientation.

The term “sexual minorities” has been advanced by a number of activists and organizations working on issues of sexuality and gender as a means of embracing a variety of stigmatized groups and behaviours without having to enumerate them exhaustively through an ever-expanding acronym.

1 SEXUALITY POLICY WATCH Position Paper on the Language of “Sexual Minorities” and the Politics of Identity July In any vital and highly contested political domain, language can be a potent force for. ii Pinar Ilkkaracan (co-author) is a psychotherapist, independent scholar and activist. She is co-founder of Women for Women’s Human Rights (WWHR)-NEW WAYS in Turkey and has written extensively on sexuality in Muslim societies, women and law, human rights education, women’s.

The political struggle for minorities of sexuality and gender
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