Same sex parenting and children essay

Same-sex marriage and children’s well-being: Research roundup

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Essay: Is Daycare Good for Children or not?

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Safety First

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LGBT rights in Australia

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Parenting is another important issue in same sex families, because of both spectrums, traditional and more modern unions. Having children is one of the key elements for the proper establishment of the family. The new HBO documentary A Dangerous Son exposes the challenges of parenting a child with a mental illness.

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A leading issue in the same-sex marriage debate is the welfare of children raised by same-sex parents. How might a child’s general well-being be affected by these primary caregivers versus having a more traditional family? Same-sex union legislation; Same-sex union court cases; Timeline of same-sex marriage; Recognition of same-sex unions in Africa; Recognition of same-sex unions in Asia.

Apr 15,  · Study finds no developmental differences for children despite the on-going cultural debate around same-sex parenting.

Same sex parenting and children essay
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