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'Father and Son' by Bernard McLaverty - short story review

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Father and son Essay -Bernard Maclaverty “Father and Son” is a short story which is set in a time of war and ends in the death of one of the main characters - Father and son Essay introduction. Bernard Maclaverty transfers real life problems in the story.

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The father has tried to build up a connection with his son when his son first began to recognize people around, when he desperately tried to crawl and walk. The father is pondering that whether he has destroyed the seed of his offspring or have sown in a land where it belongs to his heir and none of his.

Jun 11,  · One of four innocent people convicted of a terrorist bombing in Guildford, England, tells of the miscarriage of justice that resulted in imprisonment for himself and members of his family, including his father, and describes the struggle to clear his name and gain his freedom/5(38).

Father and Son Bernard MacLaverty Analysis Contents Title Setting 2 Belfast 2 The Home 3 Themes 3 Plot 4 Characters 4 The Father 4 The Son 4 Parallels between the two characters 5 Differences between the generations 5 The Mother 5 Style 6 Narration 6 Thought/Language 6 A sense of.

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