Choice of words and imagery and

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Personification Examples

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Bruce Springsteen Songs: Teaching Great Songs With Imagery in Them

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Tone (literature)

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the poem in terms of tone, word choice, imagery, style, and theme. As they are talking I walk around and listen, taking notes and asking questions to further probe their thinking. About Health Journeys Health Journeys is a multimedia publishing company, established in by social worker Belleruth Naparstek and businessman George Klein, which specializes in self-help audio recordings of guided experiences, such as meditation, imagery, hypnosis, relaxation, acupressure and.

Word choice is a term used to describe the words chosen by an author, using words that are very specific and descriptive of exactly what you want to say. Rather than words like good or happy, you.

Answer. The correct answer is A. Cotton-like clouds. This is a rather descriptive choice that is used to bring the image of cotton to your mind and then use that image of.

Can poetry employ any sort of language? An odd question, but workshop attendees will often find their diction called flat, obsolete, poetic, pretentious, gauche, genteel, tawdry, cliché, colourless, overspecialized and no doubt a host of other annoyances.

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Choice of words and imagery and
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