1000 word essay on soil

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Essay on Soil: Classification, Profile, Composition and Soil Organism

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How Long Does It Take to Write a 1000 Word Essay?

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200 words essay soil pollution on air

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Contamination of soil can affect the growth rate of plants and reduce the fertility of soil (Rodger, ). Land pollutions can also happen when pesticides, harmful chemicals and waste from industrial factories are released into the soil without control.

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The use of manures and fertilizers helps to restore the fertility of the soil. Now high yielding varities from Government farms are being supplied to the farmers.

Our farmers have been using wooden plough for centuries.4/14/ words essay on agriculture in India Under the five year plans our Government has built dams on many of the. word essay on soil.

1000 words essay on agriculture in India

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1000 word essay on soil
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